Security Infrastructures

Security infrastructures are a particularly interesting line of application of testing techniques. Security infrastuctures can be

  • access-control mechanisms on the level of operating systems,
  • network-infrastructure (firewalls and network-adress-translators),
  • complex data-base systems (such as the patient record in the British-Telecom-Spine) or
  • usage control mechanisms that prevent at the operating system level, for example, copying audio-files and its streaming-derivatives to other files due to unsufficient copyrights. 

Security infrastructures are ideal targets for blackbox-testing approaches.

In the HOL-TestGen library,  a particular infrastructure for the specification and test-case generation of security policies have been devceloped: the unified policy framework UPF. UPF is defined directly in Higher-order Logic and provides a number of fundamental operators for the construction of (higher-order) policies and their composition. These operators enjoy a large number of (formally proven) algebraic properties that can be used for (formally proven) pre-normalisation processes, that transform large policy rule-sets into equivalent ones for which test-case-generation is structurally simpler.

These techniques have been used to test individual firewalls, properties networks comprising firewalls and NAT's, access-control-policies in the area of health-record-management systems and are currently adapted to access control policies occurring in personal information management systems (PIMS).



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